About High Flyers Corporate Training
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Our Goals

  • To help individuals and teams achieve their objectives in business and life, by training and coaching in the use of High Flyers techniques.
  • To set an example of superior performance as individual speakers, trainers and coaches.
  • To demonstrate operation as a high performance business team.
  • To see our work as 'serious fun'.

    High Flyers Corporate Training is based in Melbourne, Australia. The High Flyers team is comprised of professionals with a background in military aviation. Our flying experience includes F/A-18 Hornet, F-111 Strike, RAAF Roulette, Basic and Lead-in Fighter Instruction, international and domestic civil aviation. Members of the team are based throughout Australia, and come together as required to complete High Flyers missions.

    High Flyers Corporate Training is the registered business name of Double M Consulting Pty Limited, ACN 082 720 358, ABN 34 082 720 358.