The High Flyers Corporate Training Team
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Marty McFarlaneMarty 'McFly' McFarlane BSc., GradDipBusSyst.

Marty draws on fifteen years experience in the Royal Australian Air Force as an operational F/A-18 Fighter Pilot, Roulette Formation Aerobatic Team member, Flying Instructor, Training Flight Commander, and as the RAAF Fast Jet Training Standards Checker.

Marty is the founder of High Flyers Corporate Training and is sought after as a keynote speaker on the topics of performance development, teamwork, leadership, instruction and safety management. His message is that the keys to individual and team success in high performance aviation teams are universal - corporate teams and leaders can maximise their performance by using High Flyers techniques.

Dennis TanDennis Tan BSc.,AdvDipAviation(Military).

Dennis has worked for British Aerospace in Saudi Arabia, Edith Cowan University as chief lecturer in aviation management, as a senior manager for Gryphon, a human resource consultancy and as senior instructor for Ad Astral Aviation. Dennis has spent over fifteen years in the RAAF as an Aircraft Captain, Flying Instructor and as a member of the Roulettes Formation Aerobatic Display team.

Dennis is an experienced instructor and presenter who brings a unique insight from the corporate human resource industry and from inside one of the world's best aerobatic teams . He provides invaluable specialist advice to High Flyers Corporate Training in the area of formation teamwork.

Ray WerndlyRay 'Werners' Werndly, AdvDipAviation(Military).

Ray has had a 16 year career in the RAAF, as an International Aircraft Captain and as a Flying Instructor. He currently teaches student pilots to fly the PC9 turboprop aircraft and is an expert in flight safety systems. Ray has an excellent insight into getting the best out of pressure learning situations in a potentially dangerous environment as he sends students solo after 10 hours instruction, and teaches them to fly formation within 6 feet of another aircraft.

Ray is the low level aerobatic display pilot for his unit and also facilitates Crew Resource Management courses which maximise flight crew team performance. He has a wealth of experience as a lecturer, instructor and coach, and was selected for the RAAF specialist instructor stream.